Get Ready for the First Ever #ReactiveUI Virtual Conf 🥳

September 19th, 2020

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A talk by Rich Bryant

Integrate, Elevate, Observe... Profit!

A project using ReactiveUI, Blazor, IndexedDb, Refit and AspNetCore with just a little bit of LanguageExt Functional Programming to deploy one-way notifications via Server Side Events. Any bit of this can be used individually!

Rich Bryant @ReactiveRich

Rich Bryant is a former British Army RF Engineer turned coder with 20 years worth of experience in the coding business. Normally regarded as way too ugly for streaming, he has agreed to do this on the proviso that nobody sues.

A talk by Andres Pineda

RxUI + Uno Platform: Getting Started

Uno Platform is a Framework that allows you to build multi-platform applications with the help of UWP and the Windows Toolkit. In this presentation, we want to show you how we can add the power of RxUI and ReactiveX to Uno enabled applications.

Andres Pineda @ajpinedam

Mobile Developer and Open Source enthusiastic.

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A talk by Shane Neuville

DualScreen, .NET MAUI, and ReactiveUI

Curious about what the .NET MAUI team is working on and how it might impact you? Excited about the new Duo Devices? Interested to see what this means for RxUI and other frameworks? Enjoy asking questions? Join me, and let's all get excited together about all the new things the .NET MAUI team has on the horizon.

Shane Neuville @PureWeen

Shane Neuville is a Senior Software Engineer for Xamarin.Forms at Microsoft. He has been a .NET developer since 2001 and has been an advocate of reactive programming for the past 8 years. He's currently working on the glorious Shell, the mind blowing Duo, and the much anticipated .NET MAUI. In his spare time, he builds wearable costumes with his wife, walks the cats, is close to beating Dead Cells (not really), or is streaming to Twitch.

A talk by Michael Stonis

Advanced Rx And Dragons

So, you’ve got a handle on observables and RxUI is setup in your project, but where do you go from there? Reactive Extensions and Reactive UI have a ton of functionality hiding under the surface. Some of it is easy to discover, but the rest requires you embark on a quest for arcane knowledge. Gear up and join us as we learn some of the advanced features of Rx and RxUI, battle some common gotchas and learn a couple of tricks along the way.

Michael Stonis @michaelstonis

Michael Stonis is a Microsoft MVP and a partner at Eight-Bot, a software consultancy, where he focuses on mobile and cloud solutions for enterprises using .NET. He loves mobile technology and how it has opened up our world in new and interesting ways that seemed like an impossibility just a few years ago. Outside of work, you will probably find him spending time with his family, fishing or playing pinball.

A talk by Glenn Watson

Internals of ReactiveUI

Dive into the internals of ReactiveUI and how it functions. Ever wondered how WhenAnyValue works behind the scenes, or how that platform registration work? Well in this talk we will deep dive into how the guts of ReactiveUI works.

Glenn Watson @GlennCoder

Glenn Watson is one of the lead maintainers of the ReactiveUI Project. He is a Microsoft MVP and currently working as a day job on Xamarin and .NET related projects as a consultant.

A talk by Rodney Littles, II

Build an Application with ReactiveUI

Going out on the town? Need to run errands? Have to get groceries? You may need to go stand in line at your favorite or least favorite activities. These days it's better to play it safe. With establishments adhering to capacity rules for social distancing, it would be nice to put yourself in a virtual line as opposed to a physical one.

Enter SocialQ! During this talk, we will walk through the architecture of an application designed for Social Distance Queuing. We will see how a user can queue for an establishment, receive notifications on when appointment times are close, and navigate through establishments for a day out on the town. Everything is built with ReactiveUI and functional programming. We'll get a chance to see how ReactiveUI can be used as an MVVM framework to build an in-depth real world.

Rodney Littles, II @rlittlesii

Rodney Littles, II is a Senior Software Engineer at Megsoft Consulting Inc. He has been working on .NET technologies since 2004, and is currently working with Xamarin mobile and Azure cloud infrastructure. Rodney is a Microsoft MVP and ReactiveUI maintainer who has been a functional advocate for the last few years. He recently started streaming Rx concepts on Twitch. Outside of the daily he is a Kung Fu instructor spreading the arts, and breaking his brain trying to become a full fledged Rx Wizard!

A talk by David Driscoll

Bridge the gap with DynamicData

DynamicData is an awesome library which allows you to take an Observable and project it into a collection or dictionary like object. This is extremely useful on mobile with ReactiveUI or on the server keeping a changing data up to date. Perhaps you have a queue of pending work that your backend is working through (maybe using Azure Batch!). Traditionally you'd use a polling approach or maybe SignalR to show this data to the user, but you're still sending potentially thousands of records to each and every client with each update. You could implement an evented model item added, updated, removed... but why do that when you already have DynamicData and it does this all for you!

In this talk we're going to demonstrate bridging the gap between your server and your client using DynamicData and DynamicDataJs with SignalR, Blazor and Vue.js. We will demonstrate modeling data on the server and then transforming it on the client using DynamicData to make updates in the UI.

David Driscoll @david_dotnet

David Driscoll is a Senior Solutions Architect at TrialCard Inc. He has working to learning, and learning to work with .NET and Web technologies for nearly 15 years. He is the Lead of the OmniSharp project and contributor to other open source projects including rxjs and a 5 year Microsoft MVP. Outside of development David is currently living the COVID dream at home with his wife and 3 daughters.

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